The search for the meaning of life and life purpose.

Philosophers, spiritualists, and other intellectuals have been defining life purpose. Nowadays, life purpose can be defined as setting goals and a direction for one’s life. Purpose and meaning in life are two different things. Engaging in purpose-driven behaviors contributes to a meaningful life and finding one’s purpose.

Each person is unique, and each one has a different life purpose. When a person finds their purpose, this individual will live a joyful life. When a person’s life is purpose-driven, they will find that their actions have a reason and are essential to the world. A sense of purpose can give satisfaction and connectedness to an individual in a spiritual way.

Most religions believe that there is heaven or a paradise. Heaven is believed to be a place in the afterlife where people live in peace and harmony, free from suffering and pain in the mortal world. Some religious doctrines also believe in hell, a place of torment, an inferno where wicked souls are trapped in a loop of never-ending punishment. Because of the belief in heaven and hell, religions guided people on how to live a moral life to enter the kingdom of heaven. However, some people, even those instructed and taught, often stray from the path of righteousness.

A religion book by Dr. Julius Mosley II breaks down the message of the Bible in “Living Life with Blinders On” and presents a narrative that readers can understand regardless of their theological knowledge. This book aims to bridge the apparent gap between biblical and contemporary narratives by offering commonplace circumstances that people may identify. It discusses the Bible in a clear and easy to comprehend style. “Living Life with Blinders On” explores how individuals unwittingly ignore God’s grace and teach people to accept God’s Grace and live as God would have them. This book aims to guide readers through the joy of living life as God intended.

How the Bible defines the purpose of life?

A person’s life purpose consists of different motivations. For Christians specifically, it is living life as God intended. The Christian Doctrine consists of teachings from the Bible. The Bible guides Christians to live a life of moral actions morally to be worthy of a place in heaven. Moreover, Christianity aims to follow the life of Christ, their savior.

In some bible verses, Christian readers can find enlightening scriptures that guide them toward living a moral life. For example, in John 13:34-35, it is written that people should love one another; in Matthew 16:24, the scripture says to follow God at the cost of denying one’s desire; and in 1 Thessalonians 5:6-8 warns people not to fall into sinful behaviors like those who do not believe or know God’s existence. In the Bible, Mark 12:29-31, Jesus states that in the ten commandments, the most important commandment is to love God with all one’s heart, with all one’s soul, with all one’s mind, and with all one’s strength. the second most important commandment is to one’s neighbor as oneself.

Life Purpose in the contemporary context

The meaning of life’s purpose changes over time. In the contemporary context, life purpose always focuses on a goal that leads to success. Some people have a lot of things to consider in life, factors like work, family, and social expectations. These factors make people forget to set personal goals and make them forget their sense of purpose. There are numerous ways to find one’s purpose. Here are some examples.

Accepting change and embracing growth – Developing a growth mindset is being optimistic about improvement. People who lean towards development take constructive criticism and work hard to correct mistakes.

Developing a vision – Having a clear idea of an objective in life can help a person make better decisions in life. Envisioning one’s purpose by identifying what is essential can lead to a balanced life and stress management.

Exploring one’s skills and passions – Interests and passions lead to life purpose or what an individual wants to do most. One way to search for one’s desire is to examine one’s skill or the will to learn or to do something extraordinary.  

Self-acceptance – In searching for life’s purpose, one should love oneself first. Self-love is about accepting oneself despite flaws, limits, or imperfections. Being kind to oneself gives the person a chance to grow.

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