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The question of what happens after death has been asked by many of us, and as much as we’d like to know the truth behind the veil, death will remain life’s biggest mystery.

Fortunately, there are folks like Dr. Julius Mosley II who teach us to prepare for what may lie ahead in life through God’s words. In his book, Living Life With Blinders On: Living Life as God Intended, God’s righteousness and God’s love are present on every page for readers to bask in. Through Dr. Mosley, God wants us to live life according to His will so that we may enter the gates of heaven.

But going back to the question, what events do indeed occur once our soul leaves our physical bodies?

Does the Afterlife Truly Exist?

Whether there is an afterlife at all is the very first question to address in relation to our main query about death. How can we be certain that there is life after death? Perhaps our families just bury us beneath the Earth. Period. The story ends there.

There’s a widespread notion that our physical world is all there is and that once we lose it, nothing remains. Another popular belief is that there is life after passing away, but it exists on another plane. And if we put in enough work, we can connect with the dead and make a connection with our loved ones who have passed away.

The Bible informs us that life continues after death and that there is more to the tale than a person passing away and being buried. There are numerous lovely passages about heaven. It talks about where everyone lives in harmony and peace in an everlasting paradise, under the rule of God on His throne. Revelations 21 – 22 even describe a stunning metropolis with the Tree of Life at its heart, adorned with priceless stones and gold as pure as glass.

What Exactly Is This Afterlife the Bible Talks About?

In the context of human experience, death is typically irreversible. The Bible also makes it clear that things won’t always work out this way. We have a huge hope ahead of us, a hope that surpasses all the struggles we have endured throughout our time on this planet.

The question of what happens after death arises from the concept of resurrection. The idea of a person “waking up” from dying is quite a prevalent theme in the Bible. Mentions of prophets like Elisha and Elijah and their God-empowered ability to revive the dead can be found in Dan 12:1–4, 1 Kings 17:17-24, Isa 25:8, and more.

With these Bible verses, God’s righteousness and God’s love is on full display to those reading the Holy Scriptures. Jesus Christ also demonstrated that the might of God is more powerful than death. He did the same things mentioned above throughout his stay on Earth. Christ was even raising the dead, including a little girl, a widow’s son, and his close friend Lazarus.

But even with this assurance, we still can’t help but wonder about what happens after we die instead of living our lives as God intended. Jesus has already demonstrated His authority over death. He has shown us that he also feels all the pain and grief of individuals who have lost their loved ones. He even promises not to let death be our final destination.

Does Hell Also Exist? Is Hell Truly Real?

Most people find Hell to be a contentious concept. In any case, it’s unsettling. It frequently conjures images of roaring lava, fire pits, and scorching hot air. As we imagine the suffering of someone unlucky enough to wind up “down there,” we can practically feel the heat.

Matthew 25:41 confirms the existence of Hell, as it says, “Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels.” But this line alone shows something we often forget: God doesn’t intend to throw us humans into The Lake of Fire.

People can only get there if they reject God and choose to side with Satan against him. This is good news because this means that we are just a choice away from receiving God’s righteousness and God’s love.

What Happens After Death Is Just as Important as Our Present Lives

The more we understand about God and His word, the less of a mystery death seems to be. God has explained everything to us, including what occurs after death and how it will ultimately finish.

We are so happy to have you here, and if you want to read more, just go to our “Blogs” section and check out our other articles there. Prepare for what’s coming by grabbing a copy of Living Life With Blinders On: Living Life as God Intended by Dr. Julius Mosley II so that you can start living life as God wants you to!

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